Net neutrality 2.0

Net neutrality, i.e. equal treatment of all traffic by internet service providers, is key for a free and open internet. Developments in 2018, such as the new law in California which guarantees internet users equal access to all applications and services, show a positive trend, but the battle for net neutrality is far from over.

A film by: Nemanja Babić and Andrija Kovač
Cinematographers: Andrija Kovač, Danilo Krivokapić

Audio: Nikola Cvijanović, Filip Milošević

Producers: Danilo Krivokapić, Andrej Petrovski
Production Assistant: Milica Čubrilović

Research: Bojan Perkov

Internet Commons

The internet changed the way we understand society, political relations and business models. But what is the role of the internet as a common today? How can laws regulating daily life of a political community conform to digital spaces? What is net neutrality and what are the obstacles to open access to knowledge? Does the internet foster public debate? These and many other questions were discussed at “Internet Commons”, a European youth conference co-organised from 19-21 May 2016 in Belgrade by Heinrich Boell Stiftung, SHARE Foundation, Institute for Political Ecology Zagreb, Green European Foundation.