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SHARE Resource Center is a centralised portal of SHARE Foundation, where you can find articles, publications, expert analysis, news, videos, knowledge bases, lectures, documentary TV series “In the Net”, as well as other content and materials produced by SHARE Foundation.


A research and data investigation Lab for exploring different technical aspects of the intersections between technology and society.


SHARE CERT monitors and analyses threats to security in the infrastructure of online and citizen media in Serbia, provides assistance in identifying and preventing threats, empowers actors for adequate responses to attacks, provides legal assistance in processing cybersecurity incidents, communicates with relevant institutions, and more.

Tools and bases


SHARE Foundation conducts monitoring of the state of digital rights and freedoms in Serbia since 2014. Monitoring database contains cases of violations of digital rights and freedoms, together with their descriptions and respective sources.

The online media database

Online media database ( is an open and free platform of SHARE Foundation. It contains information about internet sites whose primary purpose is to inform citizens, and which are as such registered as internet media or they operate as non-registered digital media portals.

In the Net

“In the Net” is a scientific and educational TV series about internet infrastructure, virtual reality, new media, privacy, digital surveillance, freedom of expression on the internet and other topics which are important for our digital rights and freedoms.

My data

“My Data” ( contains the most important information on how state bodies in Serbia collect, store and process citizens’ data, shown on examples of analysis of 6 largest personal data controllers in the public sector.

Share wiki

SHARE Wiki was created as a result of research and projects we have working on and since we believe in values of open knowledge and sharing culture, we present a unique knowledge base on important topics related to the digital environment in Serbia.

Copyright calculator

Copyright Calculator is an interactive online resource which you can use to check if a certain copyrighted work is free to use, i.e. under which conditions it can be used.

Personal Data Toolkit

Check if your activities are in line with the new personal data protection framework (GDPR) with a free self-assessment tool and create a privacy policy in accordance with GDPR. Toolkit also contains a free guide on citizens’ rights under GDPR.


All our publications are available for free and under the ATTRIBUTION-SHAREALIKE CC BY-SA licence, so they can be freely used.