Monitoring database covers the state of digital rights in Southern and Eastern Europe, documenting cases of violations of digital rights and freedoms.

cases of digital rights violations

The day before announced protests across Serbia, several threats were sent to N1 TV staff and their families via email and social media. N1 informed the competent institutions and the Permanent Working Group for the Safety of Journalists about the threats.


The editor-in-chief of Srpski Telegraf, a Serbian tabloid, Milan Lađević, has sued the president of the Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia, Željko Bodrožić, for inflicting emotional pain, and has demanded 250,000 dinars (around 2,000 euros) in compensation for non-material damages. Commenting on the news that Lađevic was attacked by an unknown man on the street, Bodrožić told Republika, the web edition of Srpski Telegraf, that he did not know why he should comment on a conflict between two citizens on the street. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant violated the plaintiff's reputation.



Media Privacy Index (MPI) is a composite indicator for the analysis of the protection of citizens’ right to privacy in the online media sphere of Serbia. This statistical tool was developed by the SHARE Foundation for public advocacy and improvement of privacy standards in the online media business.