Monitoring database covers the state of digital rights in Southern and Eastern Europe, documenting cases of violations of digital rights and freedoms.

cases of digital rights violations

The well-known lawyer and member of the Main Board of the Socialist Party of Serbia Toma Fila announced that a fake account was created on Instagram and that his name was most grossly misused through the posts.


The court in Belgrade passed a verdict by which it was decided that the Association "Fruškać" is obliged to pay 115,000 dinars for sharing the post on the Instagram story. In the summer of 2020, the association promoting Fruška Gora "Fruškać" was tagged on the post of the Creativity Factory on Instagram, which featured a photo of Lake Bešenovac and the author's name below. The association shared this publication among its members, 24 hours was enough for "Fruškać" to soon receive a warning before being charged, which the author of the photo and his lawyer sent with the aim of an out-of-court settlement. In the warning, they demanded that "Fruškać", so that the author would not sue him, publish 30 photographs of the photographer on his Instagram profile, otherwise they threatened a lawsuit of 100,000 dinars.



Media Privacy Index (MPI) is a composite indicator for the analysis of the protection of citizens’ right to privacy in the online media sphere of Serbia. This statistical tool was developed by the SHARE Foundation for public advocacy and improvement of privacy standards in the online media business.