Monitoring database covers the state of digital rights in Southern and Eastern Europe, documenting cases of violations of digital rights and freedoms.

cases of digital rights violations

The Commissioner for Personal Data Protection of Serbia banned ITX RS company from processing citizens’ personal data. It was found that the company, which operates websites of fashion retail stores such as Pull & Bear, Zara and Oysho, collected passport and ID card numbers of citizens in a manner contrary to the Law on the Personal Data Protection. The company has notified the Commissioner that it ceased with the data collection and has deleted all previously collected data.


MP of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party Vladimir Đukanović on Twitter insulted journalist Nedim Sejdinović as a “Serb-hater” among other things. The insults flew after Sejdinović wrote an article in which he criticised Đukanović’s position in Serbian politics and law practice, given that he is also an attorney.



Media Privacy Index (MPI) is a composite indicator for the analysis of the protection of citizens’ right to privacy in the online media sphere of Serbia. This statistical tool was developed by the SHARE Foundation for public advocacy and improvement of privacy standards in the online media business.