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Monitoring database covers the state of digital rights in Southern and Eastern Europe, documenting cases of violations of digital rights and freedoms.

cases of digital rights violations

Journalists discovered that people are issuing falsified negative PCR test certificates to Serbian citizens in exchange for money. The Office for IT and e-Government of Serbia explained that these certificates are obviously fake even though they look like real ones


Numerous online media outlets in Serbia have reported as news an article from Bosnia about a priest con-artist tricking people in Bosnia. In fact, the “news” source was a Bosnian satirical portal, Bijeljina njuz. Bijeljina njuz staff confirmed to Fake News Tragač, a fact-checking portal, that it was just a satirical article and that the photos were published with the permission of the person presented as the fake priest.


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A platform that provides one-stop instructions and possible solutions to problems with websites, applications or devices, allows you to learn more about good practices in the protection of information systems and digital goods and offers advice if you are facing technology-based violence or harassment.