After a series of successful SHARE Conferences on internet culture and activism, with over a thousand participants in Belgrade, Serbia (2011, 2012) and Beirut, Lebanon (2012), participants who cooperated and exchanged experience in these events, interested in doing continuous research and advocating for human rights in the digital environment, formed a community. As a nonprofit organization, the SHARE Foundation was established in 2012 to advance human rights and freedoms online and promote positive values of an open and decentralized Web, as well as free access to information, knowledge, and technology. SHARE Foundation’s primary areas of activities are freedom of speech online, data privacy, digital security, and open access to knowledge and information.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of legal and IT experts, artists and journalists. The Foundation has so far organized dozens of conferences, gatherings and workshops in Serbia and abroad, attended by leading activists and experts in digital rights and freedoms. As a contributing member of civil society, SHARE Foundation participates in public debates on relevant laws that might affect citizens’ online rights in Serbia. The Foundation has also produced a dozen of info-guides and other free publications.

In the last three years, the Foundation’s data research branch, the SHARE Lab, published several studies on the internet’s invisible infrastructures in Serbia, information warfare, email communication metadata, online election campaigns, Facebook’s algorithms and so on. These studies included detailed analysis of business models, the process of exploitation of private data, hidden forms of work, surveillance economics, and algorithms hidden behind the walls of companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. This specific research-detective-art form of action encompasses a wide range of different methodologies in which cyber forensic methods interlace, analysis and visualization of large amounts of data, cartography, media theory and philosophy intertwine.

In order to draw more public attention to the importance of human rights online, SHARE Foundation embarked on producing a 10 episode documentary TV series on some of its core subjects, such as freedom of expression, privacy, new media and digital security, with over 50 local and international experts sharing their insights. The documentary series aired in Serbia and in Montenegro, and the series website serves as an open platform for improving digital literacy of citizens, with all series episodes, full expert interviews, video-lectures and other materials freely available. In late 2017, SHARE Foundation also produced a series of short educational videos on five important topics: copyright, net neutrality, data protection, fake news and algorithms. The videos explained, in simple terms, why these issues are important for our everyday lives and their aim was to help the general public get a better understanding of the topics.

Since March 2017 the SHARE Foundation is a member of European Digital Rights (EDRi), an association of over 30 civil and human rights organizations from across Europe. The Foundation is also a founding member of the New Media Network (#newmednet), an informal network of lawyers, journalists, activists, and scholars from 14 countries of Central and Southeast Europe, established in 2013, and a member of the Global Net Neutrality Coalition. After three years of providing free legal and technical assistance to online media and civil society organizations, in April 2017 SHARE Foundation formally registered the first Special Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for online media in Serbia.

Activities of SHARE Foundation in promoting digital rights were recognized by the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection of Serbia, who in January 2017 presented the Foundation with a certificate of gratitude for an outstanding contribution to affirming the right to personal data protection.