Digital security in one place

SHARE Foundation has developed the Cybersecurity Toolkit – an open platform that provides one-stop instructions and possible solutions to problems with websites, applications or devices, allows you to learn more about good practices in the protection of information systems and digital goods and offers advice […]

Pandemic for digital rights in South East Europe

Pandemic for Digital Rights – Report The global public health crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic confirmed that the decades-long discussion on striking a better balance between interests of safety and privacy still hasn’t provided the world with a better framework. Concentration of information, […]

Covid-19 apps: Opening the new Pandora’s Box

The Covid-19 epidemic was not only a test of public health systems around the world, it was also a test of policy makers in the field of information society and personal data. The test was simple: «Did we learn anything from our previous mistakes where […]

SHARE has brought Google to Serbia

Any requests and objections which the citizens of Serbia may have regarding their personal data processed by Google, can now be resolved through the company’s representative in Serbia. Google, as one of the first tech-giants complying with the new Serbian law, wrote a letter to […]