A platform that provides one-stop instructions and possible solutions to problems with websites, applications or devices, allows you to learn more about good practices in the protection of information systems and digital goods and offers advice if you are facing technology-based violence or harassment.

Here you can find contact information of foreign companies in Serbia, which can be contacted by the citizens in order to exercise their legal rights such as the right to access, deletion, data portability and other personal data related rights. Foreign companies collecting personal data of citizens of Serbia are obligated to appoint their representatives in our country so that the citizens can contact them regarding their rights.

A group of six organizations – SHARE Foundation, Partners Serbia, A11 Initiative, Let It Be Known, Atina and Belgrade Open School – have launched the monitoring of privacy violations in Serbia. Cases of privacy violations recorded so far are available in the online database, which is an open public resource for future research and trend monitoring.

Smart surveillance system which is being installed in Belgrade and announced in other cities in Serbia threatens to change our public spaces forever. SHARE Foundation joined the #hiljadekamera (#thousandsofcameras) citizen initiative to help spread knowledge about facial recognition technology and its effects on society. Join the initiative!

Platform with tools for self-assessment of legal compliance of personal data processing in an organisation and generating privacy policies. Also contains “My Data, My Rights”, a guidebook for citizens.

Multilingual portal (available for citizens of Serbia) intended for citizens who want to submit a request for access, deletion, correction or transfer of personal data to the companies and organisations processing their personal data.

Here you can find research on personal data processing practices in the public sector, as well as interactive tools for organisations and citizens.

Open, free and searchable database of SHARE Foundation with information about news portals which are officially registered as internet media outlets in Serbia.

Documentary TV series produced by SHARE Foundation. In ten episodes, well-known local and international experts and activists speak about topics of importance for human rights in the digital environment, such as freedom of expression, privacy, new media and digital security.

Online game in which you take on the role of an ambitious propaganda specialist in order to get to know the techniques and motives of spreading disinformation and gain resilience to the influence of fake news. SHARE Foundation translated the game to Serbian.

SHARE Foundation tool for reporting forbidden and suspicious commercial content on the internet. You noticed something which looks like an objective news article, but is actually a hidden ad? Submit the example to SHARE Foundation and we will forward it to the authorities if it has basis.

Interactive platform with which you can check whether a copyrighted work is free to use, i.e. under what conditions it can be used.

Declaration on the respect of internet freedoms in political communications consists of guidelines based on current regulations which enable all participants in public communication to be equal in the online political debate, without breaching legal and ethical norms and by respecting the basics of internet culture.