All you need to know about security on the internet

Without basic digital hygiene there is no security on the internet. The software we use is not perfect and each vulnerability puts our data at risk of being misused by cybercriminals. Why is it important to take care of the security of online services, accounts […]

Thousands of Cameras

In early 2019, it was announced that thousands of cameras with facial recognition capabilities would be installed in Belgrade, which would put the entire city under the always vigilant eye of smart video surveillance. An informal group of citizens, gathered around the site, has […]

Information wars during the pandemic

The Covid-19 Information System has been controversial since its inception. We are not sure who made it, under what conditions, or whether the system was made in accordance with the standards of information security and personal data protection. However, the most controversial was the debate […]

Net neutrality 2.0

Net neutrality, i.e. equal treatment of all traffic by internet service providers, is key for a free and open internet. Developments in 2018, such as the new law in California which guarantees internet users equal access to all applications and services, show a positive trend, […]

A dialogue on the Facebook algorithm

During the past few years, Facebook has managed to connect virtually the whole world in a single social app, free of charge and available to anyone on the planet. It has become an inevitable part of social interactions, advertising and political campaigns. SHARE Lab investigated […]

Internet Commons

The internet changed the way we understand society, political relations and business models. But what is the role of the internet as a common today? How can laws regulating daily life of a political community conform to digital spaces? What is net neutrality and what […]